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Hang Up Your Boots Ballroom Dancing
In conjunction with New Ross Rugby Club
8pm May 25th 2013
Brandon House Hotel
Tickets 10 euro.

Team Celtic are now four weeks into training with no sign of any hamstring injuries, shin splints or calf strains while the most common complaint from this team is damaged toes, and folks we haven't even kicked a ball yet!!.

Unfortunately we have had to go into the transfer market and bring in a deadly stomper in Tom "Bobby" Kavanagh who replaces Michael Sheehan who has had to go out on loan. His partner Siobhan O'Connor is well and truly impressed with the replacement as Siobhan said "Tom just glides effortlessly across the floor, a dream partner”. Meanwhile John "Tuisce" Waters and Liz Duffy are our secret weapon and thankfully John hasn't dropped Liz....yet! Anne St Ledger is teaching young Eoin Kehoe a thing or two on the dance floor and there's a lot of pushing and pulling going on but folks that's how its done in the jive, good old rock and roll style. There has been some lifts and twists done with Mark Lee and Deberoah O'Neill, where again Debs is in full control with Mark not bouncing off the floor, chairs, tables or any other obstacles that may be in close proximity during their practice routine. Our team Captain Kevin Lyng and dance partner Vivienne Lee are taking it all in their stride, proper jive bunnies are these two, the "quick step" is however a different story and we are not sure which of the two have the most toes injured!!. Team Celtic are in good shape and come competition time there will be an aroma of hair spray with the exception of "Tuisce" of course, shiny shoes, high heels and sequins that will surprise even the most seasoned of Strictly Come Dancing viewers.

Roll the 25th May 2013 as confidence is growing and steps are improving, timing is almost right, and it sounds like what Celtic does on the field is now been done off the field and on the dance floor.

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